The Future of Mobile Enterprise App

Enterprise Resource Planning Mobile Cloud Business Solution Data 

ERP Platform for Mobility

No worries to bring your business into cloud, no matter how big your business are you can scale as you want

Integrated Services

Integrated End to End Mobile Application Services such as mobile app development for Enterprises

Android, iOS & Web

We are ready to build your application in multi-platform devices

Mobile Apps eCommerce

We have developed a mobile ecommerce app that suits your business culture, and we provide it exclusively for you. your own mobile apps that will be available on PlayStore and AppStore and fully integrated with a modular ERP system so that you can escalate your business at any time. 

Point of Sales

ease your sales anywhere and anytime with Mobile Point of Sales aplikasi.io which can be accesed through Smartphone and Tablet that integrated in Real time with ERP system. no matter how large your business is, we serve the Point of Sales Enterprise for you.

Odoo Developer, Implementers & Consultant

Since 2010 we have become part of the OpenERP developer community that is now more familiar with Odoo, various ERP projects we have completed with good use of Odoo well.

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Why Aplikasi.io

Custom Software Development

Aplikasi.io is IT Profesional Team with agile methodologies to develop software applications.

No Infrastructure Required

We are well equipped with all the state-of-art infrastructures to handle any kind of development challenges, hence, you don’t require any infrastructure support on your own.

Unbeatable Price

Aplikasi.io keeps the prices as competitive as they can be. Effective resource management solutions are deployed, to attain higher efficiency.

Flexible Engagement Models

We follow Agile methodology and offer flexible engagement models as per your project needs so that you end up paying less for more.

Technology that we use

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Featured Project

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DKE Sales

Android Mobile Sales, for costumer Order 

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